Course Packets

All course packets must be approved for copyright clearance before going to print. Below outlines each step of the process. These steps are necessary to expedite processing your request.

If you have questions about copyright clearance and your course packets, please feel free to contact Tony Heaton via email or phone (309) 556-1040.

1. Please use the Permission for Course Packet Copyright Clearance form to provide information regarding each item in your course packet. Please use one form per item. Feel free to make as many copies of the form as needed.

2. Please submit requests for copyright clearance by the deadline distributed each semester. Any requests for copyright clearance submitted after that date may not receive permission before the term begins.

NOTE: Your Copy-ready packet may be submitted along with your permission requests or at a later date (see #4 below). If you are missing a photocopy of the material(s) and need Interlibrary Loan to obtain items for you, please check the box labeled “Need to order this item via Document Delivery” on the request form.

Allow at least 1-2 weeks for interlibrary loan materials.

3. Printing Instructions should be submitted along with the copy-ready packet. 

4. Copy-ready packets should be submitted by the deadline distributed each semester. Packet materials that are submitted after this date may not be ready before the term begins.  

  • A copy-ready packet is composed of materials photocopied on white 8 X 11 paper.
  • Copies within a packet must be all single-sided or all double-sided.
  • Copies should be clean (no black/gray areas or edges).
  • Articles/Chapters should be paper clipped separately (NO STAPLES), and grouped in the order to be printed.
  • Packets should have a cover denoting class number, class title, term and professor.

5. Upon receipt of all copyright permissions, forms, and materials to be included in the packets, faculty members will be notified via email of an estimated cost per student. Faculty members must approve the estimated cost and the number of packets to be printed before the packet is sent to Printing Services.

6. Printing Services will deliver the completed packets to the faculty member’s office. Faculty members are responsible for distributing the packets to their students in class.

7. Students will be billed for their course packets after the last add date for classes that semester.