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Borrowing privileges for IWU students and faculty

  • Students, faculty, and staff are automatically granted library borrowing privileges.
  • The university identification card acts as your library card. Individuals should present this card to borrow items from The Ames Library. It may be necessary to activate the card the first time you use services at the library.
  • Circulating items, such as books and audio-visual materials, may be borrowed at the Library Service Desk. Items obtained via Interlibrary Loan are also checked out at this desk.
  • Laptops and media equipment may be borrowed at the Library Service Desk.
  • Renew your items information - Please note that when the final renewal period has been reached, the item needs to come back to the library for inventory purposes before it can be checked out again.

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Other information

IWU Loan Periods:

Library Collections

Item Students Faculty & Staff
Audio (CDs & LPs) 1 week, 3 renewals 16 weeks, 3 renewals
Books 4 weeks, 3 renewals 16 weeks, 3 renewals
Journals, bound  & Newspapers 1 day, 3 renewals 1 week, 3 renewals
Microform Building use only Building use only
Popular Reading Collection 3 weeks, 2 renewals 3 weeks, 2 renewals
Reserve materials, traditional Building use only Building use only
Video (VHS, DVD, etc.) 1 week, 3 renewals 4 weeks, 3 renewals

Technology and Equipment
(Please note: no renewals on technology and equipment)

Item Students Faculty & Staff
Camcorders (Flip, HardDisk & SD Card) 5 days 5 days
Digital Audio Recorders 5 days 5 days
Digital Cameras (Canon PowerShot) 5 days 5 days
Ethernet Cables 5 hours 5 hours
Headphones 5 hours 5 hours
Headset w/Microphone 5 days 5 days
iPads N/A 2 weeks
Kindle eReader 3 weeks 3 weeks
Laptops (MAC & PC) 5 days 2 weeks
LCD projectors 5 days 5 days
Screens, tripods 5 days 5 days

Additional Items

Item Students Faculty & Staff
Bicycles 1 day 1 day
Padlocks for lockers 1 week 1 week
Tote Bags 1 week 1 week
Umbrella 1 week 1 week

Loan periods and lost item policies for interlibrary loan materials are determined by the library which owns the item.

Overdue IWU Materials
  • Students are automatically blocked in the Voyager system for locally-owned items that are more than 3 weeks overdue. Questions regarding this policy can be directed to the Library Services Desk manager.
  • Users who consistently abuse their borrowing privileges may face restrictions.
  • Media equipment, including laptops, cannot be checked out again within a 24 hour period.

Lost IWU Items

After an item is overdue for 21 days, it reaches “Lost” status. At that time, users are billed for the replacement cost and a processing fee. The standard replacement and processing cost for books is $75. Lost media equipment are billed at full replacement cost. For materials whose value exceeds the standard replacement cost, the costs may be higher and are set at the discretion of library personnel. In some instances, with prior approval by a librarian, users may have the option to purchase a new, legally produced copy of the lost item. Contact the Library Services Desk manager before attempting to replace an item. If items are found to be billed in error, the replacement cost will be waived.

I-Share Materials

The standardized CARLI borrowing policy is available here:

Students are allowed 3 renewals of I-Share materials, as long as the item is not recalled or lost. A student will be blocked from any further I-Share request, checkout, or renewal transactions when he/she reaches or exceeds any one of these blocking thresholds:
  • $200 total I-Share fines & fees
  • 25 I-Share items overdue
  • 1 I-Share item recalled and overdue
  • 3 I-Share items lost
  • 10 claims returned on I-Share items
  • 10 I-Share items self-shelved (re-shelving by patron in home institution)