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For more information contact the Library Service Desk.

Telephone: (309) 556-3350 


Borrowing privileges for IWU students and faculty

Students, faculty, and staff are automatically granted library borrowing privileges.

The university identification card acts as your library card. Individuals should present this card to borrow items from The Ames Library. It may be necessary to activate the card the first time you use services at the library.

Circulating items, such as books and audio-visual materials, may be borrowed at the Library Service Desk. Items obtained via Interlibrary Loan are also checked out at this desk.

Laptops and media equipment may be borrowed at the Library Service Desk.


Loan Periods

Material Type Item Students Faculty & Staff Community Card
Library Items Audio (CDs & LPs) 1 week 16 weeks 1 week
  Books 4 weeks 16 weeks 4 weeks
  Microform In building use only In building use only In building use only
  Journals, bound  & Newspapers Overnight 5 days In building use only
  Reserve materials, traditional 2 hr, 4 hr, overnight 2 hr, 4 hr, overnight N/A
  Video (VHS, DVD, etc.) 1 week 4 weeks 1 week
Technology/Media Camcorders (Flip, HardDisk & SD Card) 5 days 5 days N/A
  Digital Audio Recorders 5 days 5 days N/A
  Digital Cameras (Canon PowerShot) 5 days 5 days N/A
  Ethernet Cables 5 hours 5 hours N/A
  Headphones 5 hours 5 hours N/A
  Headset w/Microphone 5 days 5 days NA
  iPads N/A 2 weeks N/A
  iPod Shuffle (1GB) 2 weeks 2 weeks N/A
  Kindle eReader 3 weeks 3 weeks N/A
  Laptops (MAC & PC) 5 days 2 weeks N/A
  LCD projectors 5 days 5 days N/A
  Screens, tripods 5 days 5 days N/A
Additional Items Padlocks for lockers 1 week 1 week N/A
  Tote Bags 1 week 1 week N/A
  Umbrella 1 week 1 week N/A


Loan periods for interlibrary loan materials are determined by the library which owns the item.


Responsibility for Lost Books

If books are not returned within 30 days after the due date, the individual will be billed for the cost of the book, plus a $15.00 processing fee for each item.


Renew Borrowed Materials

Ames Catalog - Renew items owned by IWU or I-Share (Blue Due Date Slip)

ILLiad - Renew items with the Yellow Due Date Slip


Number of items allowed to be borrowed

IWU individuals are allowed to borrow as many items as are needed to complete a project.

Individuals are held financially responsible for all items borrowed on their library record.


Access to Other Libraries

Members of the IWU community may visit and borrow from many (but not all) academic libraries in Illinois. Please view the listing of CARLI libraries to find out which libraries will honor a valid IWU ID card for borrowing privileges.

Loan periods may vary from those provided by The Ames Library.

For more information on this service, please stop by the desk, send an email, or call 309-556-3350.

For information on having items from other libraries delivered to The Ames Library for your use, please see Interlibrary Loan (ILL).


Photocopying Services

The Ames Library provides photocopiers on each level for your convenience.