Entry Level - Library Service Desk

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Ames Library Circulation Desk
The Library Service Desk is located immediately to your left when you enter the building.

This is where you'll go when you need to:

  • Check out books, journals, CDs and DVDs, and print reserve materials.
  • Check out media equipment, which includes laptops, cameras, camcorders, and more.
  • Pick up poster printer requests.
  • Print in color.
  • Ask about lost-and-found items.

Make sure to take some time from your scholarly pursuits to read something for fun. You'll find the library's Popular Reading Collection immediately to the right of the Library Service Desk. If you'd prefer, we also lend Kindles. We have three Kindles that circulate and over 100 titles to choose from. Reserve a Kindle now!

Ames Library Popular Reading Collection