The Ames Library


Liaisons are the "go-to" librarians who can connect you with library services, spaces, collections, and technology that you need to make the most of what The Ames Library brings to academic and co-curricular programs at IWU.

Whether you have a research question, wish to design a new assignment for your class, need to know more about scholarly publishing, or have a question about how to access library collections (whether held at Ames or available through another library), your first stop is your liaison librarian.

For related needs, e.g., instructional design for online courses or integration of community engagement or service learning components for your courses, you may also wish to work with other liaison services provided by staff housed in the library. Follow the links below to access the full range of expert support we can provide to IWU students, faculty, and staff.

Library Liaisons   |   Information Technology Liaisons   |   Action Research Center Liaisons


Library Liaisons

Department Liaison
Accounting & Financial Services  Chris Sweet
Acting Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Action Research Center Chris Sweet
Advocacy Chris Sweet
American Studies Meg Miner
Anthropology Chris Sweet
Art Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Biology Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Business Administration & Marketing  Chris Sweet
Career Center Meg Miner
Center for Engaged Learning Scott Walter
Chemistry Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Computer Science Stephanie Davis-Kahl 
Copyright Scott Walter
Data Science Stephanie Davis-Kahl  
Design, Technology & Entrepreneurship          Chris Sweet
Diversity and Inclusion Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Economics Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Educational Studies Scott Walter
English Chris Sweet
Environmental Studies Chris Sweet
French Scott Walter
Greek & Roman Studies Meg Miner
Graphic Design Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Hispanic Studies Scott Walter
History Meg Miner
International Studies Scott Walter
Italian Scott Walter
Japanese Scott Walter
Mathematics Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Music Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Music Theatre Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Neuroscience Stephanie Davis-Kahl
NexSTEM Program Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Nursing Meg Miner
Philosophy Chris Sweet
Physical Education Chris Sweet
Physics Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Political Science Chris Sweet
Pre-Dentistry Meg Miner
Pre-Engineering Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Pre-Forestry and Environmental Management Chris Sweet
Pre-Law Chris Sweet
Pre-Medicine Meg Miner
Pre-Occupational Therapy Meg Miner 
Pre-Physical Therapy Meg Miner
Pre-Veterinary Medicine Meg Miner
Psychology Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Religious Studies Meg Miner
Sociology Chris Sweet
Studio Art Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Study Abroad Scott Walter
Theatre Arts Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Theatre Design and Technology Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Women's and Gender Studies Meg Miner
The Writing Center Chris Sweet

Information Technology Liaisons

Information Technology Services (ITS) liaisons can help faculty and staff to evaluate departmental technology needs, identify IT training needs within the department, provide instructional support for classroom technology and online learning environments, and address service calls that require coordination among IT departments on campus.

 Action Research Center Liaisons

Staff members in the Action Research Center (ARC) may work with students, faculty, and staff directly, or collaborate with library liaisons, IT liaisons, or others, to provide comprehensive support to faculty wishing to integrate community engagement and/or service-learning components in their courses.