Begin Your Research


Questions to Ask Yourself Who Can Help? / Time
Understand the assignment
  • Read the assignment carefully
  • Ask your professor to explain anything that is not clear
What is the topic?

How many and what type of sources will I need?


1 day

Choose a relevant topic
  • Select a topic
  • Develop your research questions
  • Write a working thesis
Is my topic too broad/narrow?

What point do i intend to make?

Where can i find information?



2 Days

Develop a search strategy
  • Select search terms / statement
What key terms describe my topic?

What are some synonyms for those terms?


1 Day

Retrieve and evaluate sources
  • Search library resources???
  • Determine if the sources are appropriate for your paper
Are the sources you find relevant, current and authoritative? Librarian

1 Week

Review and organize information
  • Read selected sources and take notes
  • Organize your information according to whehter it supports or disporves your thesis?
  • Refine thesis as needed?
What major arguments support and refute my thesis?

Do respected scholars support a particular point of view?

Has this information changed the approach i want to take with my thesis?



2 1/2 weeks



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