The Archives


The Archives contains records of our university history.

Lackland Band Uniform
Lackland Band Uniform

This includes memorabilia (scrapbooks, dance booklets, photographs, the uniform to the right), as well as publications by students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

These items range from the personal to the public; they include first-hand accounts of a nurse in World War I, and artifacts of the first buildings on campus. These are all materials that are relevant to the University's history and are a part of our shared memory.

Digitized records

We have selected a small portion of historical materials to digitize. Click to view and search:

Wesleyana Yearbooks

The Argus and other student and alumni publications

Historical Photographs

The IWU Bulletins(1902-1986)

We also have a variety of materials in Digital Commons. These include publications (John Wesley Powell Research Conference materials, Honors Projects, meeting minutes and other permanent records of IWU), some of which do not exist physically in the Archives. Student works in Digital Commons are recommened by faculty or through peer reviewed editorial processes.

The Vault

This is the physical structure of the Archives. This structure is reflected in the full Finding Aid (caution: large pdf).

I. Board of Trustees

II. Office of the President

III. Other University Administrators (Deans, Provosts)

IV. Administrative Offices and Auxiliary Services

V. University Publications and Reports

VI. Special Events

VII. Schools/Colleges

VIII. Departments and Programs

IX. Athletics

X. Faculty and Staff Governance


XI. Student Organizations

XII. Alumni Organizations

XIII. Student and Alumni Biographical Files and Publications

XIV. Faculty and Staff Biographical Files and Publications

XV. Associated Colleges (Hedding, Chaddock Colleges)

XVI. IWU History

XVII. Friends and Benefactors

XVIII. Special Formats (CDs, DVDs, VHS, etc.)

XIX. Awards and Honors

XX. Buildings and Grounds


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