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The IWU Language School for Kids:
Learn by Doing

The IWU Language School for Kids (LSK) mission is to raise global citizens who are competitive on the job market through demonstrated second language proficiency and with an appreciation for cutural diversity. LSK aims to promote early second language acquisition: children PreK to 5K in the Bloomington/Normal area will have the opportunity to learn the language and gain knowledge of the cultural traditions and values of different countries around the world. 

The program's philosophy is based on research findings that show that the best time to start learning a second language is during childhood, and that early second language education brings cognitive, academic, social, and cultural advantages to children. The curriculum includes activities that teach languages and cultures through interactive games, songs, stories, and crafts

Our goals are to:

  • create awareness about the importance of early language acquisition and an appreciation for cultural diversity;

  • introduce children to language learning and encourage at least minimal language proficiency;

  • promote cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity;

  • provide a training venue for pre- and in-service teachers and those who seek practical applications for their future in second language teaching; and

  • offer alternative ways to use language competency for community volunteers.

LSK students are placed in the appropriate class according to age and proficiency in the target language. Bilingual and heritage speakers are always welcome. 

The IWU Language School for Kids was made possible by a 2014 IWU Donnocker Program Innovation Grant, and runs its programs in summer and fall thanks to the continuos support of the Illinois Prairie Community Foundation. We take this opportunity to thank all the LSK families and students who have participated in our programming since May 2015. 


Contact Us

Dr. Carmela Ferrad√°ns, Director 
IWU Language School for Kids
Illinois Wesleyan University 
P.O. Box 2900
Bloomington, IL 61702-2900