Football Tailgating Etiquette and Policy

Returning for the 2019 Football season, Illinois Wesleyan University continues to support an official tailgating area (with alcohol permitted for individuals over 21) at home football games. Our game day goal is to provide a positive, responsible, family-friendly, school-spirited atmosphere that supports IWU and the football game.In order to make your attendance, and that of those around you, a positive one, safety is our primary priority.

Participants: Our parents, alumni, students, faculty and staff are valued members of our Wesleyan family and your enthusiastic participation at the game is a large part of our success. Because alcohol is permitted, the designated tailgating area is available only for participants over 21 years old or children accompanied by their parent(s). All participants are required to produce identification upon request or will be asked to leave the designated area.

Food and Beverages: Propane tanks less than 20 gallons and gas grills are permitted for food preparation. Open flames (including fire pits) and gas-powered generators are prohibited. Alcohol is only permitted in the designated area, and only for those of legal drinking age—alcohol Is not permitted in the stadium. For those who choose to drink alcohol, responsible use is key to tailgating success. Alcohol is limited to beer and wine only, and may be served in aluminum cans, plastic bottles or plastic/paper cups (no glass permitted). Activities or paraphernalia associated with excessive consumption are prohibited (e.g., kegs, funnels, beer bongs, drinking games like beer pong, etc.).   In accordance with state laws, the sale of alcohol is prohibited. Attendees may not bring any beverage container into the stadium; non-alcoholic beverages are available for purchase in Tucci Stadium.

Availability of the Area: Tailgating may occur only in the designated area three hours prior to the start of the game and will conclude no later than two hours after the game. Overnight tailgating is not permitted.

Game attendance: Tailgating will end when the game begins to allow game day operations staff, security and others to turn their attention to those inside the stadium.

Courtesy: Please be respectful of other tailgaters around you. Only portable radio/stereo units will be permitted out of courtesy to others. Please also pick up and bag your trash before entering the game.

Privilege: Tailgating is a privilege. Please remember that all students are subject to policies outlined in the Student Handbook and all participants must honor the expectations in this policy. Policy violators (student, alum, parent or guest) may be asked to leave, may be restricted from future events or campus, and/or the police may be involved. IWU reserves the right to restrict participation of any guest and the right to eliminate tailgating should problematic behavior occur.

Emergencies: In case of emergency, please contact IWU Security, 309-556-1111 or dial 911.