About the Program

Welcome to Japanese Studies at Illinois Wesleyan University

The Japanese Studies Program at Illinois Wesleyan University has a strong connection with the Japanese community. Every year, the Tanaka Foundation invites two IWU students who show a great interest in Japanese studies for a two-week trip to Japan.

The Japanese Studies Program is designed for all the students to acquire the practical usage of Japanese language. The courses of Japanese Studies introduce language use of the Japanese people as well as customs and manners in Japan.

Students are encouraged to spend one or two semesters in Japan in the Study Abroad Program. We have an exchange programs with Keio University, and every year many IWU students go to Japan on the Keio, CIEE and IES study abroad programs. These programs provide students valuable opportunities to be exposed to Japanese language, people and culture in Japan.

Graduates of the Japanese Studies Program enjoy a variety of professional and academic options.  Students who complete a Japanese Studies minor can go to graduate schools, become teachers, participate in internships or explore other career opportunities in international organizations and corporations.  Many students take advantage of the JET (The Japan Exchange and Teaching) program, which send them to Japan to teach English for one to three years while learning about and enjoying immersion in Japanese life.  A minor in Japanese Studies is more than just an added bonus for a resume; it is a gateway to a world of opportunity.