Japanese Studies Minor

The Japanese minor at IWU is an interdisciplinary program that considers the study of the language and culture to be inseparable. The minor engages with topics that are integral to understanding modern Japan, namely popular culture, history, and literature. As not all courses are offered every semester, planning ahead is essential. Students interested in pursuing Japanese Studies are strongly encouraged to contact Prof. Chisato Kojima  as early as possible. 

Minor Sequence in Japanese Studies

A minimum of three courses for the minor must be taken in residence at IWU.

1) Japanese 201: Intermediate Japanese I (LA) 
2) Japanese 202: Intermediate Japanese II (G)
3) LC 308: Japanese Way of Life (IT, G) 
4) Two courses, one of which must be 300 level course. Additionally, one must come from the LC category.

Japanese 310: Studies in Literature and Humanities (Study Abroad)
Japanese 311: Studies in Social Science (Study Abroad)
Japanese 410: Advanced Japanese Language Studies (Study Abroad)
Anthropology 273: Self and Society in Japan
LC 105: Special Topics in Japanese Literature in Translation
LC 202: From Atom to Akira: Japan’s Pop Culture
LC 205: Language and Culture in Japan
LC 303: Blades, Bows, and Bushido: The Samurai in Context
History 101: Introduction to Japanese History
History 202: World War II in the Pacific
History 301: Modern Japan, 1900–Present