Unsecured Loans

Based upon length of IWU employment, members may obtain unsecured (signature) loans up to $7,500 for a maximum period of 48 months.

Acceptable collateral includes: clear title to vehicle, member's shares or co-signer's shares. The Credit Union does not accept titles, deeds, abstracts to real estate or personal property (such as jewelry, furniture, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, etc.) for collateral.

When using a car as collateral, it is mandatory to:

  • obtain total comprehensive insurance made payable to the IWU Federal Credit Union to cover the amount of the loan.
  • send a copy of the policy from the insurance company to the IWU Business Office within 30 days of the day the loan is made - or the loan is subject to call.

Loan Rates 

(Maximum for all loans: $35,000)

New Unsecured (Signature)  Loan Terms:
  - All unsecured loans at 10%
  - IWU Employment:

3-11 months
30 months
12-23 months
30 months
24-83 months
30 months
84-more months
48 months

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New Car Loans

up to 60 Months
61 - 72 Months


Used Car Loans

1-4 year old cars up to 60 months
5 years and older up to 48 months

Motorcycle Loans


Loan not to exceed 60 months


Loan not to exceed 48 months


Life Insurance is provided for Credit Union Loans. All loans are insured by Cuna Mutual Group.