Illinois Wesleyan University is moving toward unifying all campus network services to use a single Campus Authentication System so that you only need to know one ID and password to access campus network services. While the majority of campus network services now will work with a single network ID and password, there are a few services that still are not included in our Campus Authentication System. This guide provides information on the Campus Authentication System.

Campus Authentication System NetID

Your network ID, also known as NetID, is printed on your University ID card. Your NetID is used for your University e-mail address. For example, for a student named Wesley Titan, his NetID would typically be "wtitan" with an e-mail address of

Campus Authentication System Password

Your Campus Authentication System password is set by you as part of process for logging into the MyIWU portal for the first time. If you have never logged into MyIWU, you will use a temporary password to begin the process of setting your campus authentication password.

To set your campus password, go to and enter your NetID for "User Name". You will use a temporary password the first time you log into Enter your University ID number for your initial, temporary, password. You can find both your NetID and your University ID number on your ID card.

When you have successfully logged into MyIWU with your temporary password, you will be prompted to answer Security Questions. These questions are a temporary login in cases where you may forget your password.

Changing your Campus Authentication Password

In order to change your Campus Authentication Password, you will need to go to the Password Management page. Your new password will need to be at least 7 characters long and must contain a digit.

Services using the Campus Authentication System

  • The University's MyIWU Portal
  • Services on the Sun Server (e-mail, telnet, your personal file space)
  • Public computers in Buck and the Ames Library
  • Computers in the Math and Computer Science labs
  • The campus secure wireless network
  • The campus proxy server

Services using NetID and a different password

  • e-mail for organizations
  • some web pages for organizations
  • The faculty/staff dial-in modem pool

If you need additional assistance, please call the Help@Ames Desk (309-556-3900), e-mail (, or use the online support request form