Marina Balina


Illinois Wesleyan's largest interdisciplinary program, the International Studies Program has Faculty Associates from the following schools, disciplines, or departments: Anthropology, Art, Business, Economics, English, Foreign Languages, Health, History, Music, Political Science, Physics, Religion, and Sociology. These faculty members teach courses in one or more areas of concentration.

Steering Committee members:

Marina Balina


(309) 556-3082/ 3374

Rebecca Gearhart Coordinator, African Studies (309) 556-3921
Tom Lutze Coordinator, Asian Studies (309) 556-3818
William Munro Coordinator, Development Studies (309) 556-3629
Mike Weis Coordinator, Diplomatic Studies (309) 556-3049
Christina Isabelli Coordinator, Latin American Studies (309) 556-3174
Sonja Fritzsche Coordinator, Russian & East European Studies (309) 556-3290
Scott Sheridan Coordinator, Western European Studies (309) 556 3826
Stacey Shimizu
(abroad Fall 2013)
Director, International Office/ Study Abroad (309) 556 3190