Core  Courses:

  • IS 240: Introduction to International Studies
  • One course on international systems, structures and processes
  • One course on the nature and analysis of culture
  • IS 488: Senior Seminar
    • Language Proficiency: One course beyond the general education language requirements (Russian 202 or German 202). Students may also fulfill this requirement by passing a proficiency exam in another language of the re- gion. Students who also wish to pursue a major or minor in German Stud- ies or Russian Studies may substitute this course requirement with a course from Section A (Humanities and Fine Arts).
  • As with all other International Studies majors, students in the Russian and Eastern European Studies concentration are required to study abroad.


Six additional courses in the REES concentration as outlined below:

1. Language Proficiency (see above) 

2. One course from the following list A:


A )  REES - Comparative Europe*

History 122: Modern Global History (CH, G)

History 322: Love and Death in Freud’s Vienna (CH)

International Studies 270: Tale of Three Cities: Bratislava, Prague and Vienna

Literature and Culture 116: Postwar German Cinema (AR, G)

Literature and Culture 242: Strangers in their Own Home: Yiddish Culture in Eastern Europe (IT, G)

Literature and Culture 272: From Utopia to Science Fiction: Imaging the Future in Russia and Germany  (IT)

Literature and Culture 273: Global Film Noir  (AR)

Literature and Culture 274: Superwomen of Central European Fiction and Film (CHC, G, W)

Political Science 103: Comparing Nations (CSI)

Political Science 322: Politics of the European Union


3. Four additional courses to be selected from lists B and C with at least one from each:


B)   REES - Humanities and Fine Arts*

Humanities 270: Special Topics: Russia from Empire to Post Socialist State

Literature and Culture 245: Russian Culture and Society Through Film (CHC, G)

Literature and Culture 250 Special Topics: Dangerous Texts: Russian Literature and Politics (LT, G)

Literature and Culture 347: The Moral Impulse in Russian Culture: Reading Leo Tolstoy (AV)

Literature and Culture 350: Terible Perfection: Russian Women in Literature and Film (LT, G)

Music 250: Special Topics: Dangerous Music: Russian Music and Politics

Russian 499: Independent Study in Russian Literature


C) REES - Social Sciences and Business:*

History 221: The Holocaust (CHC)

History 326: Modern Russia/Soviet Union

Political Science 218: Advanced Democracies (G)


*Courses taken abroad or travel courses to Russia or Eastern Europe may be substituted for courses under A, B or C depending upon the content. Such courses are subject to the approval of the Russian and East European Stud- ies Coordinator and the Director of the International Studies Program.


Minor Sequence in Russian and East European Studies: There are six courses required for the REES minor. At least two courses must be at the 300-400 level.

1.    Core Course: International Studies 240: Introduction to International Studies (G)

2.    Language proficiency: Russian 202 or German 202. Students may also fulfill this requirement by passing a proficiency exam in another lan- guage of the region.

3.    One course from A (see list under Russian and East European Studies concentration)

4.    Three additional courses to be selected from Sections B and C with at least one from each (see lists under Russian and East European concentration).