Major Sequence in Diplomatic Studies

Courses in this area are designed for students who are interested in working in the field of international relations without specific geographic location. Courses focus on international organizations, diplomacy, global issues, and international trade and finance. As with other concentrations within the International Studies rubric, the Diplomatic Studies Concentration requires students to complete four core courses:

  • IS 240: Introduction to International Studies;
  • One course on international systems, structures and processes;
  • One course on the nature and analysis of culture;
  • IS 488: the Senior Seminar.


  • One course each from Sections A, B, and C, and three additional courses from any section, one of which may be fulfilled by a fourth semester of a second language.
  • Diplomatic studies majors are not required to study abroad, although it is strongly encouraged. If you do not study abroad you must complete an equivalent off-campus study program such as the Washington Semester. The courses taken abroad or in Washington must be approved by the Coordinator of the area and the Director of the International Studies program, prior to the study.

A) Humanities

  • French 317: French Civilization III: France Since the Revolution
  • French 318: French Civilization IV: The Francophone World
  • German 418: German Culture since 1945
  • Religion 110: Religions of the World
  • Religion 170/270: Special Topics*
  • Spanish 314: Iberian Culture and Civilization
  • Spanish 316: Latin American Culture and Civilization

B) Business and Economics:

  • Business 451: International Business
  • Business 360: Travel Seminar
  • Business 451: International Business
  • Economics 352: International Finance
  • Economics 355: Economics of Developing Countries
  • Economics 370: Special Topics (dealing with international economics issues)

C) Social Science:

  • History 353: History of U.S. Foreign Relations to 1914
  • History 354: History of U.S. Foreign Relations since 1914
  • International Studies 222/322: International Human Rights: An Introduction
  • Political Science 102: International Politics
  • Political Science 215: Politics in Developing Societies
  • Political Science 270/370: Special Topics*
  • Political Science 303: International Law & Organizations
  • Political Science 325: Conflict Areas of the Third World
  • Political Science 345: International Political Economy
  • Political Science 405: Theories of International Relations

Minor Sequence in Diplomatic Studies

At least two courses must be at the 300-400 level.

  1. Core Course: International Studies 240: Introduction to International Studies

  2. Five additional courses: one each from Sections A and B, and three from Section C (see lists under Diplomatic Studies concentration).

*Special Topics courses must be approved by the International Studies Director and the Coordinator of Diplomatic Studies as an appropriate class.