International Studies Course Offerings

INST 222/322 International Human Rights: An Introduction

In this course, we will examine some of the basic theories that have defined the study of human rights and then explore issues involving rights violations as they involve mass violence, poverty, and inaccessibility to basic health care. We also investigate international efforts to redress human rights abuses such as the workings of truth and reconciliation commissions and international criminal courts. Offered every other year.

INST 240 Introduction to International Studies

An examination from a global perspective of the major forces that have shaped and continue to influence our world. The course does not attempt exhaustive coverage of global problems, issues, and twentieth century history, but instead attempts to provide an interpretive framework for understanding those issues and problems. Offered each spring.

INST 270 Special Topic

An interdisciplinary course with variable content depending on the particular aspects of the international experience selected for study. Emphasis may be directed towards a country, region or theme. See current Program of Classes to determine if this course fulfills general education requirements. Offered occasionally.

INST 295 Third World Development

An examination of the various issues of development that confront the Third World-poverty, unemployment, famine, education, debt, urbanization, health care, civil and interstate conflicts, population growth, indigenous peoples, economy, and nation-building among others. The focus could be thematic, regional or case studies. Will sometimes be offered as a travel course. Offered occasionally.

INST 370 Special Topic

An examination at the advanced level of selected international topics not covered in international studies courses. Course content varies depending upon the topic, which may be directed toward a country, region or theme. See current Program of Classes to determine if this course fulfills general education requirements. Offered occasionally.

INST 373 Education and International Development

Throughout the world, enhanced educational opportunity has been viewed as an important means of improving people’s lives. This assumption will be examined by analyzing educational policies in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Specific topics that will be covered include literacy, student protest, and the educational treatment of girls, indigenous peoples, street children, child refugees, and child laborers. Offered in alternate May Terms.

INST 388 Trade and Diplomacy on the China Coast

Focuses on the interaction between China and the West. Students explore nineteenth and twentieth century business and history through various media: literature, film, diaries, and travelogues. The main focus will be on the treaty ports, source of economic growth both past and present. Offered in alternate May terms.

INST 450 Special Project

A major original research project developed and implemented in consultation with a faculty mentor. Particularly appropriate for qualified students seeking to graduate with Research Honors. Prerequisite: Consent of Director of International Studies. Offered as needed.

INST 488 Senior Seminar

An advanced analysis of a particular topic in international studies through a seminar format. Each student researches and writes a substantial paper which involves a detailed and original examination of an international issue or which focuses on a country or region. Offered each spring.