Resources & Helpful Information


Arnold Health Services

Arnold Health Services is the on-campus health services available to all students at no charge.  It is generally best to start by consulting a health professional here rather than going to a hospital emergency room. Learn more about Arnold Health Services. 

Counseling and Consultation Services

Counseling and Consultation Services is located on the lower level of Magill Hall, accessed from the back of the building. This confidential and free counseling service provides emotional support to students who might be home-sick, struggling with anxiety, depression, loss of a relationship or other concerns. Seeking counseling services for support is a very accepted practice in the United States, and is not viewed as shameful or negative.  Learn more about Counseling and Consultation Services.

Hart Career Center

It is a highly used excellent resource to help you: determine the best major for you, talk to professionals in your field of interest, explore internships on and off campus, create and polish your resume, cover letter, describe and help you prepare for a US interview, search for and apply to graduate programs, search for and apply to jobs. The  Career Center  is well-utilized by international students beginning early in their stay on campus!

Writing Center

The Writing Center is located on the 1st floor or Ames Library. Trained tutors and a professional English as a Second Language tutor are available to international students to assist with writing papers. International students find this resource to be immensely helpful as faculty at American universities have expectations that are generally quite different than teachers in their home countries. Learn more about the Writing Center


Helpful Information 

Breaks & Holidays

There are five vacation periods during the year: Fall break, Winter Break, Spring Break, May Term Break and Summer.

Accommodation: Currently, students from countries outside the U.S. may stay on campus during each break at no charge. The residences that are open for each break are posted in the Office of Residence Life. Students must sign up for housing prior to the break and  Request Break Access; The Office of Residence Life and Health Education will determine which residences will remain open based on occupancy.

Food: The university does not provide meals during the Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks.

Students should be prepared to purchase food from nearby groceries and restaurants. The International Office has provided some cooking utensils so that students may cook in their residence hall.

One option for students during Winter Break, when there are no campus services, is Christmas International House. It is an organization of volunteers throughout the United States who take international students into their homes and communities at no cost except for travel to and from the site where they are placed. Many IWU students have participated in and enjoyed Christmas International House, and although there is no guarantee that all students will be placed, it is a good option for new students. 

Alternative BreaksThere are interesting programs you can be a part of and projects you can do during the Fall and Spring breaks. Different offices on campus organize volunteering projects in and outside Bloomington for you to be engaged in communities during the breaks.

Family & Friends

Information for Family: The International Office is here to support your student with this transition and for the duration of their stay at Illinois Wesleyan. Encourage your student to  contact us  for support on any issue be it academic or personal. If we are not the appropriate service to assist them, we will make sure they are quickly connected to the correct service.

Information for Students: IWU welcomes parents for visits. If you want to learn more about our guest house accommodation option go through the  frequently asked questions.  

Financial Concerns

If you have any financial concerns you can always contact the  Financial Aid office  for help. You can learn about scholarships and grant, loans and student employment from them.

Many International students are offered  on-campus work study  as a part of their  financial aid  packages. International students cannot work off-campus. You can look for  current job openings  around campus or go to your Student Account and search for jobs under “My Resources” tab.

The purpose of  Student Employment  is to assist students in finding opportunities to work on- or off- campus in order to provide financial assistance and to give valuable employment experience. If you have more queries about employment please contact the Financial Aid Office (309-556-3096)

January Arrivals

There are usually very few first- year international students joining Illinois Wesleyan in the Spring semester (which starts January). We do not have an extensive orientation like for the Fall arrivals but we do give you an overview of important things or have some meetings with you once you arrive on campus.

The International Office is always here to support you with you arrival and any other help you need with transitioning to IWU.

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