International Studies

Western European Studies Concentration

The Western European Studies team (WES) promotes the study of the European Union by developing new courses, promoting events and sponsoring lectures. This concentration area has a multidisciplinary focus and benefits from the rich diversity of its members. Our courses cover a wide variety of topics in the humanities, languages and social sciences. Students can learn about European culture from Antiquity to the present day and explore the political and economic challenges faced by European nations. Through multiple study abroad programs, our majors and minors have the opportunity to enrich their learning experience during a semester at a European university.

Requirements for the major or minor sequence in Western European Studies.

Team Members:

Professor Scott Sheridan Director of International Studies (309) 556-3238

Professor Chris Callahan, Team Leader

French & Italian (309) 556-3094

Professor Mary Ann Bushman

English (309) 556-3244
Professor Amy Coles History (309) 556-3695
Professor Kent cook Music (309) 556-3124
Professor Linda Farquharson Music (309) 556-3025
Professor Carmela Ferradans Hispanic Studies (309) 556-3155
Professor Gordon Horwitz History (309) 556-3007
Professor Edgar Lehr Biology (309) 556-3399
Professor Jim Matthews Modern and Classical Languages and Literature (309) 556-3174
Professor Diego Mendez-Carbajo Economics (309) 556-3876
Professor Carolyn Nadeau Hispanic Studies (309) 556-3332
Professor April Schultz History (309) 556-3414
Professor Nancy Sultan Modern and Classical Languages and Literature (309) 556-3173
Professor Mike Young History (309) 556-3070
Wendy West Office Coordinator (309) 556-3374