International Studies

Major Sequence in Russian and East European Studies

Core  Courses:

  • IS 240: Introduction to International Studies
  • One course on international systems, structures and processes
  • One course on the nature and analysis of culture
  • IS 488: Senior Seminar
    • Language Proficiency: One course beyond the general education language requirements (Russian 202 or German 202). Students may also fulfill this requirement by passing a proficiency exam in another language of the re- gion. Students who also wish to pursue a major or minor in German Stud- ies or Russian Studies may substitute this course requirement with a course from Section A (Humanities and Fine Arts).
  • As with all other International Studies majors, students in the Russian and Eastern European Studies concentration are required to study abroad.


Six additional courses in the REES concentration as outlined below:

1. Language Proficiency (see above) 

2. One course from the following list A:


A )  REES - Comparative Europe*

History 122: Modern Global History (CH, G)

History 322: Love and Death in Freud’s Vienna (CH)

International Studies 270: Tale of Three Cities: Bratislava, Prague and Vienna

Literature and Culture 116: Postwar German Cinema (AR, G)

Literature and Culture 242: Strangers in their Own Home: Yiddish Culture in Eastern Europe (IT, G)

Literature and Culture 272: From Utopia to Science Fiction: Imaging the Future in Russia and Germany  (IT)

Literature and Culture 273: Global Film Noir  (AR)

Literature and Culture 274: Superwomen of Central European Fiction and Film (CHC, G, W)

Political Science 103: Comparing Nations (CSI)

Political Science 322: Politics of the European Union


3. Four additional courses to be selected from lists B and C with at least one from each:


B)   REES - Humanities and Fine Arts*

Humanities 270: Special Topics: Russia from Empire to Post Socialist State

Literature and Culture 245: Russian Culture and Society Through Film (CHC, G)

Literature and Culture 250 Special Topics: Dangerous Texts: Russian Literature and Politics (LT, G)

Literature and Culture 347: The Moral Impulse in Russian Culture: Reading Leo Tolstoy (AV)

Literature and Culture 350: Terible Perfection: Russian Women in Literature and Film (LT, G)

Music 250: Special Topics: Dangerous Music: Russian Music and Politics

Russian 499: Independent Study in Russian Literature


C) REES - Social Sciences and Business:*

History 221: The Holocaust (CHC)

History 326: Modern Russia/Soviet Union

Political Science 218: Advanced Democracies (G)


*Courses taken abroad or travel courses to Russia or Eastern Europe may be substituted for courses under A, B or C depending upon the content. Such courses are subject to the approval of the Director of International Studies.


Minor Sequence

There are six courses required for the REES minor. At least two courses must be at the 300-400 level.

1.    Core Course: International Studies 240: Introduction to International Studies (G)

2.    Language proficiency: Russian 202 or German 202. Students may also fulfill this requirement by passing a proficiency exam in another lan- guage of the region.

3.    One course from A (see list under Russian and East European Studies concentration)

4.    Three additional courses to be selected from Sections B and C with at least one from each (see lists under Russian and East European concentration).