International Studies

Latin American Studies Concentration

Latin American Studies at Illinois Wesleyan University is an interdisciplinary program that strives to understand the cultures and societies of Latin America.


Our concentrations include coursework in anthropology, economics, history, language, literature, music, political science, religion and sociology, and hope to provide students with ways to examine issues of class conflict, ethnicity, gender, religion and cultural expression in Latin America.



As a requirement for the major, students spend at least one semester abroad in a program with a Latin American Studies component.


Requirements for the major or minor sequence in Latin American Studies.

Team Members:

Professor Scott Sheridan

Director of International Studies (309) 556-3238

Professor Daynalí Flores-Rodríguez, Team Leader

Hispanic Studies (309) 556-3125
Professor Joanne Diaz English (309) 556-3246
Professor Carmela Ferradans Hispanic Studies (309) 556-3155
Professor Christina Isabelli Hispanic Studies (309) 556-3174
Professor Arturo Garcia-Osorio Hispanic Studies (309) 556-3470
Professor Given Harper Biology (309) 556-3056
Professor Edgar Lehr Biology (309) 556-3399
Professor Diego Mendez-Carbajo Economics (309) 556-3826
Professor Carole Myscofski Religion (309) 556-3177
Professor Carolyn Nadeau Hispanic Studies (309) 556-3332
Professor Kathleen O'Gorman English (309) 556-3242
Professor Mauricio Parra Hispanic Studies (309) 556-3081
Professor Cecilia Sanchez Hispanic Studies (309) 556-3830
Professor Chuck Springwood Anthropology (309) 556-3180
Professor Kevin Strandberg Art (309) 556-3139
Professor Cesar Valverde Hispanic Studies (309) 556-3763
Professor Mike Weis History (309) 556-3049
Wendy West Office Coordinator (309) 556-3374