Major Sequence in Latin American Studies

Explanation of the Concentration: As with other concentrations within the International Studies rubric, the Latin American Studies Concentration requires students to complete four core courses:

  • IS 240: Introduction to International Studies;
  • One course on international systems, structures and processes;
  • One course on the nature and analysis of culture;
  • IS 488: the Senior Seminar.


  1. Language Proficiency: Spanish 280. Students who also wish to pursue a major or minor in Hispanic Studies will meet the language proficiency requirement upon completion of the Hispanic Studies major or minor course requirements

  2. Five additional courses to be selected from sections A and B with at least two from each.

A. Fine Arts and Humanities:

  • Literature and Culture 135: Special Topics in Hispanic Literature & Translation*
  • Music 250: Special Topic: Latin American Music and Dance
  • Music 268: Latin American Music
  • Religion 270: Special Topics*
  • Religion 304: Latin American Religions
  • Religion 307: Voodoo, Santaría and Candomblé
  • Spanish 305: Travel Seminar*
  • Spanish 360: Special Topics in Media and Film*
  • Spanish 470: Special Topics in Hispanic Studies*
  • Spanish 478: Latin American Literature. Short Narrative and Essay
  • Spanish 488: Latin American Literature. The Novel
  • Spanish 490: Senior Seminar*

B. Social Sciences:

  • Economics 352: International Finance
  • History 160: Latin America
  • History 260: Spanish North America
  • History 360: Modern Brazil, 1825-Present
  • Political Science 320: Latin American Politics
  • Spanish 316: Latin American Culture & Civilization
  • Spanish 320: Studies in Cultural History*
  • Spanish 330/350: Studies in Hispanic Literature and Culture*
  • Spanish 403: History of Spanish Language

*Accepted only when topic or main focus is on Latin America.

  • One semester of study in Latin America: Course work for requirement #2 may be completed during the period of study abroad. Such courses are subject to the approval of the Latin American Studies Coordinator and the Director of the International Studies Program.

Minor Sequence in Latin American Studies

At least two courses must be at the 300-400 level.

  • Core Course: International Studies 240: Introduction to International Studies.
  • Language proficiency: Spanish 280.
  • Four additional courses to be selected from sections A and B with at least one from each (see lists under Latin American Studies concentration).