The most popular major and minor in the International Studies Program, Diplomatic Studies seeks to educate students into the complexities of international relations, as well as to prepare students for diverse careers in government, transnational corporations, and non-governmental international organizations. The Diplomatic Studies Team plays a leading role in bringing faculty roundtable discussions of current global crises. In the recent past, the team has sponsored speakers from Doctors Without Borders, the Peace Corps, Peace Brigades International, and the Carter Center, as well as experts on U.S. Foreign Relations, Middle East Terrorism and Democratization in Africa.

Requirement for the major or minor sequence in Diplomatic Studies.

Team Members:

Professor Scott Sheridan Director of International Studies (309) 556-3238
Professor Mike Weis History (309) 556-3049
Professor Amit Gosh Economics (309) 556-3191
Professor Min-hyung Kim, Team Leader Political Science (309) 556-3422
Professor William Munro Political Science (309) 556-3629
Professor Elisabeta Pana Business (309) 556-3130
Sarah Roberts Office Coordinator (309) 556-3374