International Studies

Major Sequence in Asian Studies

Explanation of the Concentration: As with other concentrations within the International Studies rubric, the Asian Studies Concentration requires students to complete four core courses:


  1. Language Proficiency: Japanese 202 or equivalent in a language other than Japanese appropriate to the student's study program. The Director of the International Studies Program will determine when language proficiency other than Japanese will be appropriate within a student's program.

  2. Five additional courses to be selected from sections A and B with at least two from each. The fifth course may be a comparative course from section C or another course from section A or B. At least two of the five should be at the 300-level or above. Of the two 300-level courses, only one may be a travel course in May Term.

A) Humanities and Fine Arts:

B) Social Science and Natural Science:

C) Comparative Courses

One of the following courses may be substituted for one of the "five additional courses" required for the Asian Studies concentration in part 2 above:

*When course includes a significant Asian component as determined by the Director of International Studies.

Minor Sequence in Asian Studies

At least two courses must be at the 300-400 level. Either of the following two options may be chosen: I or II.