International Studies

Student Awards Elgibility and Application Information

International Studies Program and The Technos Award

Any graduating senior major or minor in International Studies or related programs (i.e., International Business, the languages) is eligible to apply for the Technos Award. The Technos Award is an international prize that recognizes the student who has contributed greatly to broaden international/global awareness and understanding in general, and on our campus in particular, and has excelled academically. The award does not come with any monetary reward; it consists of a certificate, and a package of gifts that is inspired by traditional Japanese art and culture; certainly, it is a very distinct honor. The recipient of this award will be recognized at Honors Day Convocation.

The Technos Award is given by the Tanaka Ikueikai Educational Trust in Japan. The Trust was founded by Dr. Kenji Tanaka who created it in the spirit of improving international relations all around the world. Dr. Tanaka wishes to promote those very ideals and award those students who, through their work and actions, strive to ensure an atmosphere of global understanding.

Requirements include submitting an application essay of no more than three single-spaced pages to the International Studies Program office. Information and deadlines for this award are sent out in January of each year.

  1. Cover page:  Please include your name, major or minor, double major, GPA, campus address, email address, and phone number.

  2. Essay:  Include a description of your involvement, participation or experience that you have had with as many different international activities/programs on campus or elsewhere during your career at IWU. Describe your personal contributions to these endeavors. You may want to include such things as: study abroad experience, on campus events, off campus events, internships or jobs that involve international relations, etc. You should also describe your Senior Seminar project or other relevant research activities.

  3. Résumé:  Please include a copy of yours.

  4. Elaborate on important activities listed on your résumé especially those that show how you have contributed to international awareness and understanding.

  5. Reference: Include the name and contact number of one IWU faculty member who can provide a reference.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at x3375 or by email at Good luck!


Other International Studies Sponsored Awards

There are two other academic awards administered by the International Studies Program for which International Studies graduating majors are eligible to apply. The Technos Award can also be given to minors in International Studies or majors/minors in related programs. The awards are:

Pedro E. and Rufina A. Oliveros Memorial Award: The criteria for selection of this award include: academic achievement, active co-curricular participation in international related activities, and demonstrated financial need in college (e.g., need based financial aid).
Eligibility: International Studies graduating major
Award: Certificate and cash prize; honor and prestige

International Studies Outstanding Senior Award: This award recognizes a graduating senior who has excelled both inside and outside the classroom. The recipient will be outstanding academically, perhaps has engaged in research honors, and has been involved in departmental activities. An outstanding senior will also have been actively involved in other organizations with an international focus (e.g., service, volunteer, or social) either on or off campus.
Eligibility: International Studies graduating major
Award: Certificate and prize; honor and prestige

The application process for both awards is:

Information and deadlines for these three awards are sent out in February of each year.

If you have any questions, please contact us or at 556-3375.