Mission Statement

Illinois Wesleyan University, an independent, residential, liberal arts university founded in 1850, strives to attain the ideal of a liberal education while providing unique opportunities with its distinctive curricula and programs. A liberal education at Illinois Wesleyan fosters creativity, critical thinking, effective communication, strength of character and a spirit of inquiry; it deepens the specialized knowledge of a discipline with a comprehensive world view. It affords the greatest possibilities for realizing individual potential while preparing students for democratic citizenship and life in a global society. As the University pursues this ideal for all its students, it helps students to follow a wide range of career and life paths, offering diverse curricula in liberal arts, fine arts and professional programs as well as opportunities for interdisciplinary study and off-campus learning. The University through its policies, programs and practices is committed to diversity, social justice and environmental sustainability. A tightly knit, supportive university community, together with a variety of opportunities for close interaction with excellent faculty, both challenges and supports students in their personal and intellectual development.


University History

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Motto: Scientia et Sapientia

The Latin phrase on the Illinois Wesleyan seal means Knowledge and Wisdom. The seal was created by explorer-geologist John Wesley Powell, who joined the IWU faculty in 1865.


School Colors: Green and White

An 1898 Daily Pantagraph report is credited as the first mention of green and white as Illinois Wesleyan’s colors.


Mascot: Tommy the Titan

"The Wesleyan Titan" made his inaugural appearance, entering Wilder Fieldin a Roman chariot, at pre-game ceremonies for a football game against Illinois State University on Sept. 25, 1965. He was portrayed by Steve Reeser, class of 1969.



Alma Wesleyana

From hearts aflame our love we pledge to thee,
Where'er we wander over land or sea;
Through time unending loyal we will be –
True to our Alma Mater Wesleyan.

When college days are fully past and gone,

While life endures from twilight dream till dawn,
Grandly thy soul shall with us linger on –

bell Star-crowned our Alma Mater Wesleyan!

    – Professor W.E. Schultz (1887-1964)


Cheer Song

Hail, Hail the gangs all here,
All out for Wesleyan
So, let's join in a cheer
While we're all gathered here
Cheer for old Wesleyan!
We are ready to fight
For the green and white
Of dear old Wesleyan
For her honor and fame
And her glorious name
We'll stand every loyal fan!
So, let's cheer
Gang's all here,
All out for Wesleyan!
T-I-T...A-N-S...Titans, Titans, you're the best!
Goooooo TITANS!

- Ralph S. Freese '11


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Discover Illinois Wesleyan

Kemp Hall

Kemp Hall, or the International House, acquired in 1912 and named in honor of Theodore Kemp, IWU's 8th president, who served from 1908-22. The old mansion served as a dining hall, offices and a residence hall until 1987, when it was dedicated as a living and learning residence with an international focus. A number of single, double and triple-occupancy rooms are available in this building, with a capacity of 30.Kemp Hall