The Faculty Site Visit grants provide up to $500 in reimbursable funds to tenured or tenure-track faculty to visit a relevant affiliated study abroad program.  These awards are designed to provide supplemental funding to enable faculty who will be abroad for an international conference, research trip abroad, or other travel abroad to extend their stay for a few days in order to visit a study abroad program.  Grants may be used to reimburse in-country travel, hotel, meals, and other travel expenses. 

If you are interested in applying, please contact Stacey Shimizu in the International Office for application details.

Group Site Visits

Several of our affiliated programs also sponsor group visits of their study centers.  These group visits generally last 5-10 days and involve meetings with program staff and faculty, tours of facilities, class visits, and cultural activities.  In-country travel, housing and meals are usually included, but participants are expected to cover international travel and a registration fee (the International Office may be able to help defray some of these costs, but not all). Participation in these is open to interested faculty.  For more information, please visit the Faculty Development Opportunities page or contact Stacey Shimizu.

For more information about some of our programs, please contact the following faculty, who have visited our affiliated programs:

Arcadia Granada -- Christina Isabelli DIS Copenhagen -- David Bollivar
Arcadia Greece -- Diego Mendez-Carbajo   -- Abigail Jahiel
Arcadia South Africa -- William Munro   -- Diego Mendez-Carbajo
      -- William Munro
Al Akhawayn University, Morocco -- Abigail Jahiel   -- Loni Walker
  -- Diego Mendez-Carbajo    
  -- Carolyn Nadeau IES Adelaide -- Abigail Jahiel
  -- Ilaria Ossella-Durbal IES Berlin -- Sonja Fritzsche
    IES Beijing -- Tom Lutze
Central Granada -- Christina Isabelli IES Chile -- Irv Epstein
    IES Freiberg -- Sonja Fritzsche
CIEE Barcelona -- Kathie O'Gorman ES Granada -- Christina Isabelli
CIEE Buenos Aires -- Victoria Folse * IES Milan -- Scott Sheridan
CIEE Chile -- Irv Epstein   -- Linda Farquharson
    IES Paris -- Chris Callahan
CIEE Lisbon -- Kathie O'Gorman   -- Scott Sheridan *
CIEE Monte Verde -- Given Harper IES Salamanca -- Christina Isabelli
CIEE Paris -- Chris Callahan IES Siena -- Scott Sheridan
CIEE Peru -- Kathie O'Gorman    
CIEE Prague -- Sonja Fritzsche IFSA Butler Chile -- Irv Epstein
CIEE Rabat -- Carmela Ferredans    
CIEE Rennes -- Chris Callahan SIT Chile -- Irv Epstein
CIEE Seville -- Carmela Ferredans SIT China -- Teddy Amoloza
CIEE St. Petersburg -- Diego Mendez-Carbajo SIT Russia -- Marina Balina
CIEE South Africa -- William Munro SIT Spain -- Christina Isabelli
CIEE Tokyo -- Hiroko Furo SIT Tunisia -- Georganne Rundblad
CIEE Warsaw -- Mike Weis    
College Year in Athens -- Diego Mendez-Carbajo    
  -- Nancy Sultan    
    * Participated in formal evaluation of the program