Tenured and tenure-track faculty with at least five years of service at IWU are annually encouraged apply to direct either the IWU London (fall) or IWU Spain (spring) programs.

As a program director, the faculty member will be responsible for recruiting students, liaising with our overseas educational partner in Barcelona or London, preparing students for departure, providing general supervision and cultural guidance to the students on site, and teaching one class for the program.

2009 London Program (photo: S. Powalowski)

2012 Spain Program

The call for the Spain Program directorship usually goes early in the fall semester; for the London Program directorship, the call generally goes out shortly before the winter break.   Basic criteria for selection of the each director include the following:

  • Tenure-line faculty status
  • A minimum of five years at IWU
  • Experience living abroad and/or previous experience with a travel course
  • Familiarity with the program location is preferable

For more information, please contact Stacey Shimizu in the International Office.

Previous Directors

IWU London

2000 -- Carolyn Nadeau (Hispanic Studies)
2001 -- Mary Ann Bushman (English)
2003 -- Dan Terkla (English)
2004 -- Brian Hatcher (Religion)
2005 -- Michael Weis (History)
2006 -- Abigail Jahiel (Pol. Science and Env. Studies)
2007 -- Linda French (Physics)
2008 -- Scott Sheridan (MCLL)
2009 -- Chris Prendergast -- (Sociology)
2010 -- Christina Isabelli (Hispanic Studies)
2011 -- Tom Lutze (History)
2012 -- Kathleen O'Gorman (English)
2013 -- Dan Terkla (English)
2014 -- Linda French (Physics)

IWU Madrid

2005 -- Carolyn Nadeau (Hispanic Studies)
2006 -- Mauricio Parra (Hispanic Studies)
2007 -- Christina Isabelli (Hispanic Studies)
2008 -- Diego Mendez-Carbajo (Economics)
2009 -- Charles Springwood (Anthropology)

IWU Spain

2011 -- Kevin Strandberg (Art)
2012 -- Carolyn Nadeau (Hispanic Studies)
2013 -- Michael Weis (History)
2014 -- Mauricio Parra (Hispanic Studies)
2015 -- TBA