The IWU Campus Directory allows you to search for anyone by name and/or department. You can also update and change your information using the following methods: 

Updating the Student Directory

Student Directory
Most students photos are taken for the campus directory the first day they arrive. Athletes (pictured in uniform) & Theatre Arts students (black & white photo) will have their photos taken at different times and their orientation photos will be replaced accordingly. 

As a student, you can change what others see when they look you up in the Student Photo Gallery/Campus Directory, such as name, address, email etc.

To edit your student directory page:


  • Under "Preview", You can change which information you want made public simply by unchecking the box next to each type (For example: Assume Tommy Titan did not want anyone to know he lived in Happy Lane, he would uncheck the box next to "1 Happy Lane"). 
  • After, you have finished making your changes, Click "Submit changes" to confirm your new changes. 

To change other information about yourself, such as using a preferred first name instead of your legal first name, please visit the Registrar's Office.

Social Media

Students may also add in information to the directory page regarding social medial such as their Facebook and Twitter Accounts.

To add to your student directory page:

Facebook and Twtter

  • To add a social media account, students may either copy and paste the link of their Facebook Profile Page or insert their Twitter username.
  • Make sure you have checked the boxes next to Facebook and Twitter under the "Preview" page to share it publicly. 
  • After you have finished adding your social media accounts, click "Submit changes" to confirm your new changes.



Updating the Faculty/Staff Directory

Department chairs and coordinators have the ability to update their department's contact information in the Campus Directory. This administrative access to the directory also allows them to view student information, including details students have opted to keep from the public directory.

Visit  to ensure that your department's information is correct.

To edit your department's information:

Drop down List

    • Verify the information.
    • Click "Submit changes" when everything is up to date.

Additional Directory Update Information

The directory is cobbled together from many sources, and several offices on campus have partnered to make it what it is. If you see something wrong, please let us know! Here are some tips:

  • Is your name wrong? Don't like your legal first name? Email Marie Giusti and ask to have your preferred name updated.
  • Is your position title incorrect or outdated?
  • Is there outdated info on your department page? Check with your office coordinator; Ann Aubry sends instructions to them once a year for updating that info.
  • Is your phone or your office missing, outdated, or wrong? Follow these instructions to update that info through MyIWU.
  • Are your office hours missing, outdated, or incorrect? The Provost's Office now allows you to update them online, yourself!

If you have any other questions, or you're not sure where your issue fits, contact Ann Aubry. Also - most of these changes won't take effect immediately; the data is only pulled from Banner once a day, very early in the morning.

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