Digital Signage

Digital Signage is the use of flat screen displays in public areas across campus that provide information to faculty, staff, students, and visitors about campus news, events, and emergency alerts. 

Illinois Wesleyan uses Risevision for Digital Signage on campus. Some information you see on these signs are specific to the location you are in and some can be campus wide messaging. The Office of Communications controls all emergency communications broadcast to all signage. Individual departments control the day to day messages you see.

The image below is an example of a slide from the Shirk Center Digital Signage.

Digital Signage Example



Ames Library - Three screens are located on first floor and one in the Thorpe Center.

Ames School of Art -  Main entrance.

Buck -  Main entrance.

CNS - One screen for Physics on lower level, three screens are located on second floor Chemistry offices, Atrium south, second floor east display case.

Hansen  - Entrance and Hattie's/Bookstore.

Memorial Center - Dugout and north Quad entrance.

ITS House - Entrance.

McPherson  - Three in main lobby.

Minor Myers, jr. Welcome Center - Two on the first floor entrance and two in the Career Center.

Presser Hall (School of Music) - First floor (main quad entrance), First floor(south entrance), and The Pit.

Shirk Center - Main entrance, fitness center and one planned for the north wall in the Activity Center (track area). 

State Farm Hall - Main entrance (quad entrance).

Stevenson Hall - Main entrance and lower level student lounge.

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