Illinois Wesleyan provides secure wireless access from a number of public locations on campus.  There are currently
two different wireless networks on campus. The "IWU Secure" network is being phased out during the Fall 2008 term. "IWU-Wireless" is the newer and preferred network.

  • Adams Hall
  • East Street Apartments
  • Harriett House
  • IT House
  • Minor Myers Jr. Welcome Center
  • Presser Hall
  • The Ames Library
  • The Buck Memorial Library
  • The Center for Liberal Arts
  • The Center for Natural Sciences
  • The Hansen Student Center
  • The Memorial Center
  • Shaw Hall
  • Stevenson Hall
  • Evelyn Chapel
  • Holmes Hall (2nd floor)

In order to use the "IWU-Wireless" wireless network, you must have a wireless network card in your computer, and authenticate using your netID and password. See these instructions for connecting your computer to "IWU-Wireless".