Your Network Storage Space

All members of the Illinois Wesleyan campus community are allocated network storage space on university servers. Each person is allocated up to 250 megabytes of storage for e-mail. You can also use up to an additional 300 megabytes of storage for other network uses such as a personal web site or network backups. These storage limits are called "quotas". Although the office of Information Technology will back-up your server storage space, you are responsible for ensuring that your storage space does not exceed the quota limits.

Quota Limits

Quota limits are defined as "soft" and "hard". When a soft limit is reached a message is sent to you tell you that you are approaching your quota limit. You can still operate even though a soft quota is reached; however, once you reach your quota limit (the hard limit) you will start to encounter problems.

For e-mail, you will start to receive warning messages from your e-mail program when you exceed 70% of your e-mail quota. If you reach 100% of your e-mail quota, you will stop receiving new e-mail.

For your personal storage space, once you are over the soft limit, you will receive an e-mail warning you that you have 1 week (7 Days) to maintain your account (i.e., get the disk usage back under the soft limit.) If you do not, you will not be able to create any more files in your home directory.

Using your personal storage space

You can send and retrieve files from your personal storage space using secure FTP or SCP programs like WinSCP for Windows, or Fetch or Fugu for Macintosh. If you need help with these programs, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 309-556-3900 or use the online support request form (using on-campus proxy server only).

Additional Storage

If a you need additional disk space beyond the quota limits for academic work, you can make a request for additional disk space by contacting the Information Technology Help Desk at 309-556-3900 or use the online support request form (using on-campus proxy server only).

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