Email Spam Control

All Illinois Wesleyan University email is is filtered through Google's spam monitoring devices. A Spam folder is available at the left column of Gmail after you have expanded the number of folders viewed. 

Email Spam FAQ

How do I send email to the Spam folder?

When spam is in your inbox, you can select that particular email by checking the box to the left of it. Once it is selected, click the 'Spam' button.

 How do I recover emails from the Spam folder?

When you go to the Spam folder, you can select the message you want to retrieve and click 'Not Spam'. That email then goes back to your inbox at the date it was received. 

How long do emails last in my Spam folder?

All messages that have been in Spam more than 30 days will be automatically deleted by Google Spam Filter.

I received a harrassing email message. What should I do? 

Please forward the message (including full header information) to

What else can I do to prevent receiving junk e-mail?

The Federal Trade Commission provides more tips and guidelines for dealing with spam and junk e-mail.

Note:Please make sure to check your Spam folder regularly(Messages can be mistaken for Spam)


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