• Google Apps for Education is a secure, private and stable platform.  Google guarantees a 99.9% uptime for e-mail, Google Docs (word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations) and Google Sites.
  • Your account has Unlimited storage means you never have to worry about a full inbox or running out of storage space for all of your files.
  • Multiple e-mail accounts can be consolidated if desired (ex. Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.).
  • Integrated calendar includes subscriptions, group calendars and resource scheduling.
  • Web-based applications are available to access from any computer or Internet-enabled mobile device.
  • Access documents remotely and collaborate in real time.
  • Microsoft Office files are completely compatible with Google Apps – Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Google Apps for Education allow us to provide improved services for the entire IWU community including alumni and retirees.

Gmail Spam Filter

What happened to Red Condor's Daily Digests?

When all personal IWU email addresses were moved to Google's mail servers, Google took responsibility for all spam protection. There is now a Spam folder when you expand the number of folders viewed in the left column.

How do I send email to the Spam folder?

When spam is in your inbox, you can select that particular email by checking the box to the left of it. Once it is selected, click the 'Spam' button.

How do I get emails from the Spam folder?

When you go to the Spam folder, you can select the message you want to retrieve and click 'Not Spam'. That email then goes back to your inbox at the date it was received.