We adhere to Google's policy on bulk email sending. There is a limit of 500 recipients per email when sent through the online interface. If you are sending mail through a mail client, such as Thunderbird or Eudora, there is a limit of 100 recipients per email. If you send to more recipients than the allotted amount, Google may mark you as a spam sender and temporarily disable your account. If this occurs, your account should be reenabed within 24 hours. A possible solution for those who find it necessary to send to more than 500 recipients at a time is the Google Groups feature, which is a user-owned group that allows you to manage your mailing list and provides a method for true communication and collaboration with group members.

To learn more about specifics regarding Google's bulk sending policy, please visit the following websites:

Bulk Sending Guidelines

Messages Bounced Due to Sending Limit