Searching for Contacts

Searching for an Illinois Wesleyan email address

Illinois Wesleyan University's Google mail app has an email contact list of every contact on campus.

To access this practical feature:

  1. Open up your Gmail account.
  2. Click on "Compose" at the left column of your Gmail home page.


    3. Next, go to the “To” field under "New Message".

new messge

   4. Finally, type the name of the person/organization you are looking for, Gmail will suggest addresses from a complete Contacts list every Student/Teacher/Faculty/Organization on campus using  auto-complete.

contact list

Another way to look for someone in Gmail is to use the people search bar found at the left column of Gmail.  This also has every contact on Campus. (Learn More)

search people

Illinois Wesleyan also provides a Campus Directory to find the contacts you are looking for.

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