Departmental Software Purchasing Guidelines

The office of Information Technology is working to provide an institutional information infrastructure that gives the university a strong foundation for meeting the diverse needs of departments and individuals. Software is a critical part of our information infrastructure. We have prepared these guidelines to clarify how software is purchased for University computers.

When Illinois Wesleyan's office of Information Technology receives a request for a software purchase for installation on a University computer:

  • If the software is on the IT supported software list as either "standard" or "supported" software, IT will purchase the software from the IT software budget.
  • If the software is listed as "limited support", IT will inform the requester that IT provides only limited support for that software. IT will discuss the extent of limited support with the requester and the department chair or director, prior to purchasing and installing software with limited support.
  • If the software is not on the supported list, IT can evaluate the software to determine if IT should include that software on the list. If IT determines that it can not support the software, IT should recommend a supported alternative. If the requester still wants the software, the requester can ask to purchase the software from their own department funds. IT will provide only "minimal" support for software not listed on the supported software list.

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