Information Technology Services

Guidelines for Department Computer Purchases

Each Spring the University asks departments to submit equipment requests (on campus link only.) Equipment requests for academic equipment (including computers) are evaluated by the office of the Associate Provost. The Associate Provost reviews these requests following defined guidelines for upgrading and replacing faculty computers. Requests for administrative equipment are evaluated by the Assistant Provost and Chief Technology Officer.

These guidelines are intended to help departments prepare for the annual budget cycle. The University expects that computers will have at least a 4-5 year useful life. In order to help departments with their annual budget requests, the office of Information Technology Services maintains the following list of recommended technology equipment for budget projection purposes.

Please note: All old computers and printers being replaced by new equipment must be returned to Information Technology Services (ITS) unless a request to retain the computer as a repurposed system has been specifically approved by either the Associate Provost (for academic equipment) or the Assistant Provost and CTO (for administrative equipment.)


Recommended Computer Equipment and Pricing for Budget Planning

Apple Systems

Please note: prices listed are not exact costs - the prices are for budget planning only.

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