Instructional Support

IT Services staff are available to help faculty use technology for their teaching and research.
If you'd like assistance from an instructional technologist, please call the ITS Service Desk (309-556-3900) to schedule an appointment.

Here are some of the instructional technology resources available:

Image Processing
  • color scanners, slide scanners, digital cameras
  • images from video, images from the web
  • manipulate with photo editing software (Photoshop)
  • OCR (optical character recognition)
  • photocopying directly to PDF via campus copiers
Audio and Video Processing
  • audio capture and manipulation with Audacity
  • digital video cameras and video editing
  • working with QuickTime,  RealMedia,  Windows Media, Podcasts and YouTube
Classroom Presentations
  • poster printing
  • PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, web pages
Intranet / Internet
  • creating webpages with OUCampus
  • delivering courses via Moodle
  • electronic Reserves (Ames Library)
  • videoconferencing with Skype
  • document collaboration with Google Docs  


Moodle is a learning platform and resources available to students, faculty and staff  to create personalized learning environments.

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