IT Services staff are available to help faculty use technology for their teaching and research.
If you'd like assistance from an instructional technologist, please call Help @ Ames (309-556-3900) to schedule an appointment.

Rick Lindquist is located in the Ames Library Thorpe Center.

Here are some of the instructional technology resources available:

  • color scanners, slide scanners, digital cameras
  • images from video, images from the web
  • manipulate with photo editing software (Photoshop)
  • OCR (optical character recognition)
  • photocopying directly to PDF via campus copiers
  • audio capture and manipulation with Audacity
  • digital video cameras and video editing
  • working with QuickTime,  RealMedia,  Windows Media, Podcasts and YouTube
  • poster printing
  • PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, web pages
  • creating webpages with OUCampus
  • delivering courses via Moodle
  • electronic Reserves (Ames Library)
  • videoconferencing with Skype
  • document collaboration with Google Docs  


Moodle is a learning platform and resources available to students, faculty and staff  to create personalized learning environments.

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