Using Sun

What is the sun Server?

Sun is a server that we use to store your home directory that will be mounted when logging in to some lab computers. This server also holds your public_html folder, where you can host a website or set of public files. You can use this server as a remote directory to backup files, as well as make them easily available from any computer.


  • Accessing your files on the IWU server requires no set up.
  • You have automatic access from some Lab Computes. To log-in you simply use your IWU credentials.
  • If you have files saved on the server, you can access and download them with any computer with an Internet connection.


  • Because it is a remote directory, in order to access sun, you will need to have Internet access. However, this is only necessary when you want to retrieve or save your files. Using this method for backups does require you to manage things manually so it requires more attention than some other methods.
  • Also, there is a limit to the size and number of files we can store on sun, known as a quota. Sun has a quota of 256MB of storage with a hard limit of 300MB.

How can you access the server?

There are multiple ways to access sun: using a lab computer, logging in remotely using WinSCP/ Fetch and even from your browser.

Using a lab computer: The Mac labs in CNS are set up to mount your entire directory from sun. This means that when using these machines, you are accessing sun directly. All of you changes will be saved directly on to the server.

FTP Software: WinSCP/Fetch is a free software (for Windows and Mac respectively) that allows you to access the sun server. You will require the following information:

  • Hostname:
  • Username: <Your Username>
  • Security: SFTP
  • Password: <Your IWU Password>

These programs require you to manually move files on or off of the server by dragging and dropping between the file browser in the program and the file browser on your computer.

From your browser: Most browsers come with the ability to use FTP directly. With this you are able to download files from your server space easily, however you are not able to save files back on to the server. Because you can only use ftp, this service is only available on campus.

To access IWU's server on your browser, go to Log in using your IWU credentials.

To save and download your files, Right click, click on "Save Link As" and save file wherever you want to save on your computer.

How do you check your quota?

Since Sun has a quota of 256MB of storage with a hard limit of 300MB, you should gradually change your quota.
In order to check your quota, you will need to log in to sun from a terminal window. This is made slightly easier in WinSCP, since they include a terminal within the program.

On a Mac, you will need to open up a the Terminal program and type in the following command:

ssh <yourusername>
*note: when it prompts you for your password, it will not display any of the characters you type; so make sure you type your password in correctly.'

Once you have successfully logged in, you can check your quota by typing in the following command: quota

On WinSCP you're also able to check your quota. Click on Commands and scroll down to Open Terminal.

Then a new window should pop up titled Console on and enter the command line, type in the command \quota.

How should you manage your quota?

When you are exceeding your storage quota you will receive an email notifying you. If you have only exceeded your quota (256MB) then you are able to log in and delete files however you would like. It is often best to look for the largest files first: pictures, videos and music tend to be the main offenders for pushing over quota, so look for those first. If you need assistance managing your quota, you can always contact the helpdesk for assistance.

What could go wrong if you exceed you exceed your quota?

If you happen to exceed the hard limit (300MB) then you may begin to experience problems with your account in general. Often the first sign of this, apart from the email informing you that you are exceeding the quota, is that you are no longer able to log in to the lab computers successfully. In order to clear out you're quota, you will need to log in to the server from a terminal and manage your files from there.

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