Having a problem with your home computer? Here's how Illinois Wesleyan's office of IT Services can help you get it fixed.

Did you know?

* A Windows computer without virus protection, and on the Internet, will likely become infected with a virus in less than half an hour.

* The vast majority of personally-owned Windows computers that come to the IT House for service are found to be infected with viruses and/or spyware.

* It can take several hours to scan a computer for viruses and spyware. This is often not a single process, but can require multiple passes with different tools. Some infected computers have taken more than six hours to scan.

* If you were to take your computer to Best Buy for virus and spyware removal it could cost you several hundred dollars.

Procedures For Drop-Off

Please take your computer to Ames Library (first floor) anytime The Ames Library is open. At that time, Help@Ames will collect information about the difficulty you are experiencing with your equipment.


  • Virus/Spyware/Malware removal
  • Data recovery*
  • Hardware replacement / upgrades
  • Software installation**
  • General troubleshooting

* Note that we cannot guarantee a full recovery on some devices

** We can only install limited proprietary software on some Faculty/Staff machines. 

Billing Information

We offer this service as a convenience to the Illinois Wesleyan campus community. There is no fee for the work we perform on your computer.  You are responsible for covering the cost of any repair parts your computer may need.  We can provide sources for parts if necessary.   We look forward to helping you get your computer going!

Looking for computer recycling in the Bloomington/Normal area? The Ecology Action Center lists local businesses that accept computers and other electronics for recycling services.