Guide to Campus Network IDs

What is my NetID?  Why is my NetID Important?


My NetID

Your network ID, also known as NetID, is printed on your University ID card and is your personal online Identifier. Your NetID is used for your University e-mail address and to access several other IWU campus network services.


My Net ID

Tommy Titan's Net ID

Your email address consists of two parts; your username or NetID and our domain. For example, Tommy Titan has an email address that looks like the image below: 


Email Address & NetID

The NetID is typically the first letter of your first name combined with your last name and is limited to 8 characters. Popular names sometimes have numbers appended to them (ex. Joe Smith may get a NetID like jsmith7 because of other similar names that came before him). Long names are truncated.

Services using NetID 

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