Banner 9 Help

Where do I go for Banner 9 help?

Getting Started

Elluican provides a number of educational resources to help get you ready for Banner 9:

  1. Read What's New in Banner 9 (PDF).Banner 9
  2. Refer to the Banner 9 Getting Started With Your Administrative Applications (PDF) to assist you with getting used to the new look and feel.
  3. Complete this helpful training video Banner Overview and Navigation (Banner 9.x) (35:00 video) (An Ellucian Hub account is required.)
  4. Check out these helpful quick reference documents for navigating Banner 9:
    1. Banner 9 Naming Convention (PDF)
    2. Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts (PDF)
    3. Navigating Banner 9 (PDF)
    4. Banner 8 vs. Banner 9 Navigation (PDF)
    5. Build your own custom menu in Banner 9 (PDF)
  5. Familiarize yourself with everything offered in the Ellucian Hub 
    (click on the Ellucian Hub tab above.)
Ellucian Hub

For help with Banner 9, please start with signing in to the Ellucian Hub.  (If you don't have an Ellucian Hub ("eHUB") account, please click here to request a login.)

From the Ellucian Hub homepage, you can access help and training via videos, webinars, and self-paced on-demand courses, which are accessible with your Ellucian HUB ("eHUB") account :

On-Demand Subscription Library

IWU has a campus license for Ellucian's on-demand subscription library (ODSL) training for all Banner 9 users.

Access the training videos on the Ellucian Hub website:

  1. On the Ellucian Hub home page, click the Edu Services (ODSL) icon.

  2. Scroll down and click on the VIEW COURSES button in the On-Demand Subscription Library column.

  There are obviously many advanced training videos in the On-Demand Subscription Library.  To start, we recommend the Banner Overview.
  3. In the Categories list in the lower left corner of the screen, click on Banner to open the category.
  4. Within the Banner category, select Banner > Banner General > Navigation (Banner General).
  5. In the center section of the page, notice there are two available videos.  The video you should choose is the second listed, entitled Banner Overview and Navigation (Banner 9.x) .
  6. To launch the video, click on the START button in the lower right corner of the page.
  7. On the following screen, click on the right arrow in the lower right corner of the page.
  8. Click on the large Launch banner in the middle of the screen.  This will open a video in a new window.

Check out the available Banner 9 videos:

Here are some additional resources to help you learn more about what’s coming in the Banner 9 Revitalization:


How do I access Banner 9?

Click on this link for Banner 9 access. We recommend you create a bookmark in your favorite browser to the AppNav URL for Banner 9.

Where do I go for Banner 9 help?

From the Hub’s home page, you can create a case ticket for direct customer help through Action Line, search Ellucian’s knowledge base and community questions, view training videos through On-Demand Training, or download Banner documentation.”

How do I access the Ellucian Self-Help Portal (aka Ellucian Hub)?

Ellucian's Self-Help Portal is open to all Banner users after registering for an Ellucian HUB account.  (If you don't have an Ellucian Hub ("eHUB") account, please  click here  to request a login.)

Why is IWU moving from Banner 8 to Banner 9?

Ellucian, our Enterprise Resource Planning software provider, is moving Banner to the eXtensible Ecosystem Technology Platform to improve the user interface, increase flexibility, and provide additional functionality. It replaces underlying Banner 8 technology that is being phased out, including Oracle Forms, and eliminates the need to run Java (JRE) in the browser. Banner 9 provides single sign-on and will make both Internet Native Banner (INB) and Banner Self-Service (BSS) accessible through any web browser, as well as being mobile and tablet friendly.

Who is impacted?

This revitalization will impact most campus functional areas (Admissions, Student Records, Financial Aid, HR, Finance, Payroll, etc.), as well as faculty, staff, and students.

Does the change impact Banner Self-Service?

Banner Self-Service will not be impacted at this time.  Only users of Banner Admin (aka Banner INB) will see a change.  Banner Self Service will be upgraded at a later date.

Does data have to be migrated between Banner 8 and 9?

No.  There are no changes to the Banner database.  Both Banner 8 and Banner 9 access the same database, and the forms will have the same data points on them.  However, the form fields may be laid-out differently in Banner 9.

What functionality will be lost in Banner 9?

None. There will be cosmetic changes and some processes may be different, but no functionality will be lost.  

What browsers can be used with Banner 9?

Any modern browser can be used for Banner 9 (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc).  Ironically, Internet Explorer (the preferred browser for Banner 8) does not handle Banner 9 very well.

Will Banner 9 work on mobile devices?

Yes!  Banner 9 works well on large-screen mobile devices like tablets and iPads.  Note:  Although Banner 9 is accessible from a phone, the user experience is not ideal.  

Can I access all of the forms in Banner 9 Admin Pages that I currently have permission to access?

Yes. You should have exactly the same permission as you had under Banner 8.

Why did my session expire?

In order to optimize performance and response time, Banner 9 will expire after 30 minutes of inactivity.

How do I search by name instead of ID in Banner 9?

To search by name rather than BID, tab out of ID field and the cursor will be in a previously "hidden" text box.  Start typing a name and then the 'tab' key will cause the "ID and name Extended Search" window to appear.  Use the tools there to narrow down results.

How can I see what the keyboard shortcut is for a given function?

If you hover your mouse over the function (e.g. Go), Banner will display the shortcut keys to use for that function.

Where can I find the list of “related forms” that was under “Options” on the menu bar in Banner 8?

You can find this list by clicking on “Related” in Banner 9.

Can I open more than one session of Banner 9?

Yes. You can have multiple sessions open by login through multiple tabs or even different browsers.

Can I have two Banner 9 pages open at the same time?

No. Two pages cannot be open at the same time. You can come close to the same experience by opening a second Banner 9 session. The navigation between two pages is made simpler by the Application Navigator recently visited pages feature.

Additional information about the Banner System:


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