Minimum Size Requirements

The recommended minimum reproduction size of the Illinois Wesleyan logo is 2.5" in width. Reducing the logo further compromises the integrity of the Seal and readability of the logo text. The Seal used by itself should not appear any smaller than 1 inch.

Minimum seal line black

2.5 inches
(when printed in Black & PMS 342 Green)
Minimum seal line

2.66 inches
(when printed in PMS 342 Green & PMS 8640 Gold)


Minimum seal stacked green

2.233 inches
(when printed in Black, PMS 342 Green or PMS 342 & PMS 8640)


Minimum seal green

1 inch
(when printed in Black, PMS 342 Green or PMS 342 & 8640 Gold)

Max seal green


Maximum Size Requirements

The IWU Logo or Seal should not appear any larger than 2 inches.


Any IWU Seal or Seal Logo larger than 2 inches requires the use of an specially created Display Logo capable of being sized up to 8 feet. Contact Susan at x3055 for usage permission & requirements.