• The Illinois Wesleyan logos must be reproduced from original artwork. Do not copy images off the web for print use. Contact PPMS for artwork and guidance.

  • The Illinois Wesleyan logo marks may not be distorted, altered or changed in any way. See example below.
    Do not alter - example
  • The marks may not be incorporated into or combined with any other mark, symbol or graphic to create a new mark. See example below.
    Do not combine - example

  • The Illinois Wesleyan logo marks can be used as a watermark/screened back for background, as long as it does not interfere with readability content.

  • All academic and administrative departments of the University have an official department logo using the University Seal. University departments/units may use the seal along with their unit designation as their departmental logo. These unit logos will differ from the primary and secondary University marks by the use of caps and lower case lettering for the school/department/unit name. A logo may be obtained by calling Susan at x3055 or by email request at ssombeck@iwu.edu. Non-academic units may use the IWU initials as a less formal logo for promotional and internal communications, e.g. IWU Wellness, IWU Athletics, IWU Food Service, IWU Residence Life.

  • The Campaign marks are restricted for use by the Office of the President and the Advancement Office. They are to be used during the campaign period (2009-14) to create campaign awareness or in campaign-related projects.

  • The Illinois Wesleyan Spirit Marks are a modified version of Tommy Titan and the IW or IWU initials can be used as school spirit marks or graphic elements for internal, informal, admissions or alumni and student organization communications. These are also appropriate merchandise marks. Tommy Titan or the initials should not be used in place of the seal and signature logo for formal institutional or academic communications.

  • The Athletic marks, Tommy Titan, the football W and IW logo used by baseball are reserved for the exclusive use of Titan athletics.