April Schultz

Associate Professor of History

University of Minnesota

Dr. Schultz teaches U.S. cultural and social history, including courses on the history of American women, immigration and ethnicity, and family and childhood. Outside of history, she teaches American Studies, Women's Studies, and the Gateway Colloquium.  She also periodically teaches a May Term travel course to Ireland, emphasizing the famine and migration history.Dr. Schultz has served as Director of General Education, Chair of History, Director of American Studies, and, currently, Director of Women's Studies.

In 1995 her book Ethnicity on Parade: Inventing Norwegian-American Identity through Celebration appeared.  Her research interests include a study of women at the 1893 Columbian Exposition and an analysis of Irish-American and African-American domestic servants from the 1840s to the 1920s in relation to ethnicity and race in American culture. She is most currently working on a fictional history for children on the families who lived at Split Rock Lighthouse on Lake Superior from 1910-1940.


American Studies 150 Introduction to American Studies
Women's Studies 101 Introduction to Women's Studies
History 244 Women and the American Experience
History 246 Irish Immigration to the United States
History 249 Revolutions in American Childhood and Family Life
History 343 United States Immigration History
History 350 Women, Work, Leisure, 1890-1945
History 490 Senior Seminar