Major & Minor Requirements

Major Sequence

A minimum of 11 course units in history to include:

  1. HIST 290: Theory and Crafting of History
  2. HIST 390: ARCHES: Archiving and Reflecting on Your History Education and Signature Experience (taken as four .25 credit units to add to one full unit by senior year)
  3. One pertinent section of the Pathway Signature Experience Seminars (HIST 451–454)
  4. HIST 490: Capstone Seminar in History
  5. One course in pre-1800 history
  6. One course in each of three geographic areas: US, Europe, and Asia/Latin America
  7. At least three more courses at the 300 level or above for a total of 11 units

*Only one unit of HIST 397 may count toward the major.

Minor Sequence

Six course units to include:

  1. At least two course units selected at the 100–200 level*
  2. At least three courses at the 300 level or above*

*HIST 250, 397, and 450 may not count toward the minor.