Fall 2015

September 28, 4pm - Beckman Auditorium

Dr. Antonio Sotomayor, assistant professor and librarian for Latin American and Caribbean Studies at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, will give a public lecture in English titled "The Sovereign Colony: Puerto Rico in the Olympic Movement." This event is sponsored by the Department of Hispanic Studies Tucci Endowment and is also part of IWU's theme "Nation(s) Divided?".

Ceded to the United States under the terms of the Treaty of Paris after the Spanish-American War of 1898, Puerto Rico has since remained a colonial territory. Despite this subordinated colonial experience, however, Puerto Ricans managed to secure national Olympic representation in the 1930s and in so doing nurtured powerful ideas of nationalism. By examining how the Olympic movement developed in Puerto Rico, Antonio Sotomayor illuminates the profound role sports play in the political and cultural processes of an identity that developed within a political tradition of autonomy rather than traditional political independence. Dr. Sotomayor talk  describes the surprising negotiations that gave rise to Olympic sovereignty in a colonial nation, a unique case in Latin America, and uses Olympic sports as a window to view the broader issues of nation building and identity, hegemony, postcolonialism, international diplomacy, and Latin American–U.S. relations.


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