Faculty - Department of Hispanic Studies Fall 2012

Otoño 2012

Mauricio Parra, César Valverde, Christina Isabelli, Carmela Ferradáns, Carolyn Nadeau, Jim Courtad

Primavera 2011

back row: Christina Isabelli, Mauricio Parra, Arturo García, César Valverde, Carolyn Nadeau, Gayle Sauer

front row: Allison Weiss, Carmela Ferradáns, Cecilia Sánchez, Alex Enríquez


IWU Madrid Program pictures: 2005, 2006, 2007

Honorary visits:

           Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada (Bolivian President) 2003

           Armin Schwegler  - 2003

           Isabel Allende - 2002

Glimpses of our classes:

            Food as a Social Signifier in Early Modern Spain Spn 320 (Dr. Nadeau)

            Día de los muertos Spn 201 and Spn 102 (Dr. Nadeau)

            La casa de Bernalda Alba Spn 308 (Dr. Ferradáns)

           Reading and Writing Culture Spn 280 (Dr. Parra)

Department activities and festivities:

           Senior luncheon (2011)

           Senior Class (2011)

           Crystal Ball Coffeehouse - Foreign Language Panel (2011)

            Celebrating our Lincoln Laureate, Kari Grace (2011)

            International Carnival (2002)

            Spanish Club dinner and Sigma Delta Pi initiation (2002) (2011)


Random Faculty/Staff pictures