Picture Gallery

IWU Madrid Program pictures: 2006

Honorary visits:

           Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada (Bolivian President) 2003

           Armin Schwegler  - 2003

           Isabel Allende - 2002

Glimpses of our classes:

            Food as a Social Signifier in Early Modern Spain Spn 320 (Dr. Nadeau) and Spn 102 (Dr. Nadeau)

            La casa de Bernalda Alba Spn 308 (Dr. Ferrad√°ns)

           Reading and Writing Culture Spn 280 (Dr. Parra)

Department activities and festivities:

           Senior luncheon (2011)

           Senior Class (2011)

           Crystal Ball Coffeehouse - Foreign Language Panel (2011)

Celebrating our Lincoln Laureate, Kari Grace (2011)

            International Carnival (2002)

            Spanish Club dinner and Sigma Delta Pi initiation (2002) (2011)


Random Faculty/Staff pictures