Fall 2016 (updated frequently)

September 7, 4pm - Evelyn Chapel Fellowship Hall (lower level)

Dr. Flores-Rodríguez will offer a Dialogues Across the Disciplines lecture "New Ways of Engagement - Language Politics and Latino Literature in the Spanish Classroom" with Hispanic Studies major, Sarah O'Rourke ('17) and minor, Amber Stringer ('18). The Dialogues are inspired by the Re-Centering the Humanities grant.


September 22, 4pm - Beckman Auditorium Ames Library 

As part of the NIH Traveling Exhibit And There’s the Humor of it: Shakespeare and the Four Humors Dr. Carolyn Nadeau will participate in the panel discussion, Women in Early Modern Europe. Her presentation, "Treating Sensory Ailments in the Age of Andreas Vesalius," uses both medical treatises and prescriptive domestic manuals to explore the means by which health care providers (from doctors to household matrons) in early modern Spain maintained the physical faculties and, when necessary, cured sensory deprivation brought on by injury or illness.

September 29, 7pm - Beckman Auditorium Ames Library

Dr. Ferradáns will present the film Even the Rain (2014) directed by Icíar Bollaín. This film is part of the International Film Series.


October 4, 4pm - Davidson Room**

Faculty Workshop "Culture Shift: Rethinking the Deficit Perspective Toward African American and Latino Students in higher Education". Much of the discourse surrounding  African   American  and  Latino   students  in  higher   education  operate from a  deficit   perspective  highlighting what these  students  are lacking in their educational journeys. In this presentation Drs. Moises Orozco (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and  Brandon  Common (Office of Diversity and Inclusion) will discuss existing literature on  African   American  and  Latino (a)  students  in  higher   education  and share frameworks that challenge  deficit  thinking  toward  these groups.

October 13, 7pm - Beckman Auditorium

Dr. Ferradáns will present the film El juez y el general (2008) directed by Patricio Lanfranco and Elisabeth Farnswoth.  This film is part of the International Film Series.





**not eligible for the Spn 102 and Spn 201 extracurricular activity requirement


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